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A+ Magazine - 1987/01 - Apple: The first ten years - Part 1
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A+ Magazine - 1987/02 - Apple: The first ten years - Part 2
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A+ Magazine - 1987/02 - Upgrading to the IIGS
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All Stars : The 96 Best Software Programs for the Apple II
Boost Your GS'Power : Make the Switch To System 6
Byte - October 1986 - The Apple IIGS
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Compute's! Apple Applications - Fall Winter - The new Apple IIGS Computer
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File Transfer : Apple II to Mac and Back
Full Speed ahead : Accelerators for your Apple II
Getting started with your first Apple II System + Inside GS/OS
Hard disk : Buy, Install and Use (5 acticles)
Hard disk made easy
HyperCard IIGS : The Next Step in Multimedia
Where Music, Text and Graphics Come Together
Investigating Hard Drives
MS-DOS comes to the Apple
Play it again, Apple : Music Products for preschoolers to pros
Red Apples : Soviets clone the Apple II
Switching Beetween Two World
Bringing MS-DOS to the Apple II and Vice Versa
PC Transporter, E
Thanks for the memory : A guide to Apple IIGS Memory Expansion
The Apple Desktop Bus : The GS Most Underrated Feature
The Next Generation : Apple IIc Plus - Laser 128 EX/2
Zip Chip : Life in the Fast Lane