ProDOS File Type

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les types les plus courants de fichiers ProDOS :

File Auxiliary Description
$00 Unknown
$01 Bad blocks
$02 Apple III Pascal code
$03 Apple III Pascal text
$04 ASCII text
$05 Apple III Pascal data
$06 Binary
$07 Apple III font
$08 Apple II or III graphics
$08$4000Packed Hi-Res image
$08$4001Packed Double Hi-Res image
$08$8001Printographer Packed HGR file
$08$8002Printographer Packed DHGR file
$08$8003Softdisk Hi-Res image
$08$8004Softdisk Double Hi-Res image
$09 Apple III BASIC program
$0A Apple III BASIC data
$0B Apple III Word Processor
$0B$8001Write This Way document
$0B$8002Writing and Publishing document
$0C Apple III SOS System
$0F Folder
$10 Apple III RPS data
$11 Apple III RPS index
$12 Apple III AppleFile discard
$13 Apple III AppleFile model
$14 Apple III AppleFile report format
$15 Apple III screen library
$16 PFS document
$16$0001PFS File Document
$16$0002PFS Write document
$16$0003PFS Graph document
$16$0004PFS Plan document
$16$0016PFS internal data
$19 AppleWorks Data Base
$1A AppleWorks Word Processor
$1B AppleWorks Spreadsheet
$20 Desktop Manager document
$2A Apple II Source code
$2B Apple II Object code
$2B$8001GBBS Pro object code
$2C Apple II interpreted code
$2C$8003APEX program file
$2D Apple II Language data
$2E ProDOS 8 case module
$2E$8001Davex 8 Command
$2E$8002Point-to-Point drivers
$2E$8003Point-to-Point code
$40 Dictionnary file
$41 OCR data
$41$8001InWords OCR font table
$42 File Type Names
$43 Peripheral data
$44 Personal information
$44$8003II Notes document
$44$80FFWhat To Do data
$44$BEEFTable Scraps Scrapbook
$46$8001AutoSave profiles
$50 Apple IIGS Word Processor
$50$5445Teach document
$50$8001DeluxeWrite document
$50$8003Personal Journal document
$50$8010AppleWorks GS WP doc
$50$8011Softdisk issue test
$51 Apple IIGS Spreadsheet
$51$8010AppleWorks GS Spreadsheet
$52 Apple IIGS Data Base
$52$8001GTv database
$52$8010AppleWorks GS Data Base
$52$8011AppleWorks GS DB template
$52$8013GSAS database
$52$8014GSAS accounting journals
$52$8015Address Manager document
$52$8016Address Manager default
$52$8017Address Manager Index
$52$801AAdressed For Success List
$53 Drawing
$53$8002Graphic Disk Labeler document
$53$8010AppleWorks GS Graphics Destop Publishing
$54 Desktop Publishing
$54$8002Graphic Disk Labeler document
$54$8003Label It document
$54$8004Addressed For Success Layout
$54$8010AppleWorks GS page layout
$54$DD3EMedley document
$55 Hypermedia
$55$0001HyperCard IIGS Stack
$55$8001Tutor-Tech document
$55$8002HyperStudio document
$55$8003Nexus document
$55$8004HyperSoft stack
$55$8005HyperSoft card
$55$8006HyperSoft external command
$56 Educational data
$56$8001Tutor-Tech Scores
$56$8007GradeBook data
$57 Stationery
$57$8003Music Writer format
$58 Help file
$58$8002Davex 8 Help file
$58$8006Locator Help document
$58$8007Personal Journal document
$58$8008Home Refinancer help
$59 Communications file
$59$8010AppleWorks GS Communications
$5A Configuration file
$5A$0000Sound settings files
$5A$0002Battery RAM configuration
$5A$0003AutoLaunch preferences
$5A$0005GSBug configuration
$5A$8001Master Tracks Jr. preferences
$5A$8002GraphicWriter preferences
$5A$8003Z-Link configuration
$5A$8004JumpStart configuration
$5A$8005Davex 8 configuration
$5A$8006Nifty List configuration
$5A$8007GTv videodisc configuration
$5A$8008GTv Workshop configuration
$5A$8009Point-to-Point preferences
$5A$800AORCA Disassembler preferences
$5A$800BSnowTerm preferences
$5A$800CMy Word! preferences
$5A$800DChipmunk configuration
$5A$8010AppleWorks GS configuration
$5A$8011SDE Shell preferences
$5A$8012SDE Editor preferences
$5A$8013SDE system tab rules
$5A$8014Nexus configuration
$5A$8015DesignMaster preferences
$5A$801AMAXEdit keyboard template
$5A$801BMAXEdit tab ruler set
$5A$801CPlatinum Paint preferences
$5A$801DSea Scan 1000 configuration
$5A$801EAllison preferences
$5A$801FGold of the Americas options
$5A$8021GSAS accounting setup
$5A$8023UtilityLaunch preferences
$5A$8024SoftDisk configuration
$5A$8025Quit-To configuration
$5A$8026Big Edit Thing preferences
$5A$8027ZMaker preferences
$5A$8028Minstrel configuration
$5A$8029WordWorks Pro preferences
$5A$8030Locator preferences
$5A$8031Replicator preferences
$5A$8035Home Refinancer preferences
$5A$803DQuick DA configuration
$5A$8046AutoPilot configuration
$5A$8047EGOed preferences
$5A$8049Quick DA preferences
$5A$804DHardPressed compression profile
$5A$8054Battery Brain preferences
$5A$8055Rainbow configuration
$5A$8061TypeSet preferences
$5A$8063Cool Cursor preferences
$5A$806EBalloon preferences
$5A$80FESpecial Edition configuration
$5A$80FFSun Dial preferences
$5B Animation file
$5B$8001Cartooners movie
$5B$8002Cartooners actors
$5B$8005Arcade King Super document
$5B$8006Arcade King DHRG document
$5B$8007DreamVision movie
$5C Multimedia document
$5C$8001GTv Multimedia playlist
$5D Game entertainement document
$5D$8001Solitaire Royale document
$5D$8002BattleFront scenario
$5D$8003BattleFront saved game
$5D$8004Gold of the Americas game
$5D$8006Blackjack Tutor document
$5D$8010Quizzical high scores
$5D$8011Meltdown high scores
$5D$8012BlockWords high scores
$5D$8025KaBlooie high scores
$5E Development utility document
$5E$8001ORCA Disassembler template
$5E$8003DesignMaster document
$5F Financial document
$5F$8002Home Refinancer document
$6B PC Transporter BIOS
$6D PC Transporter driver
$6E PC Transporter pre-boot
$6F PC Transporter volume
$A0 WordPerfect document
$AB Apple IIGS BASIC program
$B0 Apple IIGS source code
$B0$0001APW text file
$B0$0003APW 65816 Assembly source code
$B0$0005ORCA Pascal source code
$B0$0006APW command file
$B0$0008ORCA C source code
$B0$0009APW Linker command file
$B0$000AAPW C source code
$B0$000CORCA Desktop command file
$B0$0015APW Rez source file
$B0$0017Installer script
$B0$001ETMP Pascal source code
$B0$0116ORCA Disassembler script
$B0$0503SDE Assembler source code
$B0$0506SDE command script
$B0$0601Nifty List data
$B0$0719PostScript file
$B1 Apple IIGS object code
$B2 Apple IIGS Library code
$B3 GS OS Application
$B4 GS OS Run-Time library
$B5 GS OS Shell application
$B6 Permanent initialization file
$B7 Temporary initialization file
$B8 New desk accessory
$B9 Classic desk accessory
$BA Tool
$BB Apple IIGS device driver file
$BB$7F01GTv videodisc serial driver
$BB$7F02GTv videodisc game port driver
$BC Load File (generic)
$BC$4001Nifty List Module
$BC$4002Super Info Module
$BC$4004Twilight document
$BC$4007HyperStudio New Button Action
$BC$4008HyperStudio Screen Transition
$BC$4009DreamGraphix Module
$BC$400AHyperStudio Extra utility
$BD GS OS File System Translator
$BF GS OS document
$C0 Packed Super Hi-Res picture
$C0$0000Paintworks Packed picture
$C0$0001Packed Super Hi-Res image
$C0$0002Apple Preferred Format picture
$C0$0003Packed QuickDraw II PICT file
$C0$8001GTv background picture
$C0$8005DreamGraphix document
$C0$8006GIF document
$C1 Super Hi-Res picture
$C1$0000Super Hi-Res screen picture
$C1$0001QuickDraw II PICT file
$C1$0002Super Hi-Res 3200 color screen picture
$C1$8001Allison raw image document
$C1$8002ThunderScan image document
$C1$8003DreamGraphix document
$C2 Paintworks animation
$C3 Paintworks palette
$C5 Object-Oriented graphics
$C5$8000Draw Plus document
$C5$C000Design Your Own Home: Architecture docum
$C5$C001Design Your Own Home: predrawn object
$C5$C002Design Your Own Home: custom objects
$C5$C003Design Your Own Home: clipboard
$C5$C006Design Your Own Home: Landscape document
$C5$C007PyWare document
$C6 Script
$C7 Control Panel document
$C8 Fonts
$C8$0000Font (Standard IIGS QuickDraw II font)
$C8$0001TrueType font
$C9 Finder data
$CA Finder Icons
$D5 Music sequence
$D5$0000Music Construction Set song
$D5$0001MIDI Synth instrument
$D5$0007SoundSmith document
$D5$8002Diversi-Tune sequence
$D5$8003Master Tracks Jr. sequence
$D5$8005Arcade King Super music
$D6 Instrument
$D6$0000Music Construction Set Instrument
$D6$0001MIDI Synth instrument
$D6$0002Diversi-Tune instrument
$D7 MIDI data
$D7$0000MIDI Standard data
$D8 Sampled sound
$D8$0000Audio IFF document
$D8$0001AIFF-C document
$D8$0002ASIF document
$D8$0003Sound resource file
$D8$0004MIDI Synth wave data
$D8$8001HyperStudio sound
$D8$8002Arcade King Super sound
$D8$8003SoundOff! sound bank
$DB DB Master document
$DB$0001DB Master document
$E0 Archival library
$E0$0000ALU library
$E0$0001AppleSingle File
$E0$0002AppleDouble header file
$E0$0003AppleDouble Data file
$E0$0005DiskCopy disk image
$E0$8000Binary II file
$E0$8001AppleLink ACU document
$E0$8002ShrinkIt (NuFX) document
$E0$8004Davex archived volume
$E0$8006EZ BAckup Saveset document
$E0$8007ELS DOS 3.3 volume
$E0$8009UtilityWorks document
$E0$800AReplicator document
$E0$800BAutoArk archive
$E0$800FHardPressed archive
$E2 AppleTalk data
$E2$FFFFEasyMount document
$EE EDASM 816 relocatable file
$EF Pascal area
$F0 BASIC command
$F1 User #1
$F2 User #2
$F3 User #3
$F4 User #4
$F5 User #5
$F6 User #6
$F7 User #7
$F8 User #8
$F9 GS OS System file
$FA Integer BASIC program
$FB Integer BASIC variables
$FC AppleSoft BASIC program
$FD AppleSoft BASIC variables
$FE Relocatable code
$FF ProDOS 8 system application
$FFF1 SCSI partition
$FFF2 CD-ROM partition
$FFF3 Hard drive partition
$FFF4 Network generic
$FFF5 File server
$FFF6 Generic SCSI
$FFF7 Tape drive
$FFF8 CD-ROM disc
$FFF9 5.25 inch disk drive
$FFFA RAM disk
$FFFB 3.5 inch disk
$FFFC 5.25 inch disk
$FFFD Hard disk
$FFFE Full Trash Can
$FFFF Empty Trash Can