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GEM CD ReadMe:

The GEM (Generous Efforts of Many) Project is a compilation of software for the Apple // and IIGS computers on one CD that was produced for the 5th National Apple User Group Conference in April, 1990. It contains nearly 200 MB of freeware, shareware, and demo software, as well as graphics, music, fonts, text files, and more.

The GEM CD is organized as 6 32MB ProDos volumes on one CD, named GEM.CD.A through GEM.CD.F. GS/OS is installed on the GEM.CD.A volume, and that volume may be booted. The other 5 volumes are non-bootable. The 6 volumes have been extracted and saved as ProDOS-ordered disk image files for use with Apple II emulators or for transfer to a hard drive or Compact Flash card for use with real Apple IIs. Scans of the covers, liner notes, and CD are included.

The top-level folders on each Volume are:

GEM.CD.A - (Bootable) Features, Shrinkit
GEM.CD.B - Sounds, Games
GEM.CD.C - Graphics, MacPaint
GEM.CD.D - Macpaint
GEM.CD.E - NDA, CDA, INIT, Icons, Music, Selectors, File.Utilities, Development, Communications
GEM.CD.F - Productivity, Education, TAWUG, NAUG, AppleWorks GS, Appleworks, Miscellaneous

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