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Vous trouverez ci-dessous le contenu du CD Golden Grail sous la forme de partitions ProDOS.

Golden Grail ReadMe:

Welcome to Golden Grail 1.0, our effort to make a modern age compilation of the best old Apple IIGS software. Golden Grail originates from the Golden Orchard project of the 1990's. Golden Grail finally brings Golden Orchard into the modern age by providing the original contents of Golden Orchard in a series of hard drive images that can be used by all modern Apple IIGS emulators. This project has been many years in the making, and much like the original Golden Orchard, turned out to be more complicated and time consuming than originally anticipated.

Let's face it, nowadays most people probably only run Apple IIGS software in emulators, not in actual Apple IIGS systems. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to use the original Golden Orchard with emulators, due to its complicated multiple HFS partition structure. What's really needed is a version of Golden Orchard split into convenient 2MG disk images, and now, after many hours of additional work, this is finally possible!

The original Golden Orchard partitions were HFS (except for a single ProDOS boot partition) and larger than 32MB in size. As such, when converting them to ProDOS 2MG partitions, we needed to break up the original partitions into a new structure. The details of this new structure are below. We have written what original partitions map to what new partitions in the list below.

There are two versions of the original Golden Orchard: one with 6 HFS partitions, and a second version with one giant HFS partition. The differences are negligible besides the partition structure. This work is however based on the original Golden Orchard.

We recommend Sweet 16 for Mac users and KEGS for everyone else for running Apple IIGS programs in an emulated environment.

Golden Orchard Partitions -> Golden Grail Partitions

GO-Main -> GO.AppleSofts, GO.Main, GO.Stacks
GO-Misc16Bit -> GO.Misc16Bit1, GO.Misc16Bit2
GO-Applications -> GO.Apps1, GO.Apps2, GO.Apps3
GO-Programming -> GO.Programming1, GO.Programming2, GO.Programming3
GO-G.S. -> GO.GS.Gfx1, GO.GS.GIF.JPEG, GO.GS.Music1, GO.GS.Music2, GO.GS.MODs
GO-Disks -> Not converted as it is just a disk full of DiskImage format 3.5" disk images. Instead, we are providing the disk images.

Version History

Version 1.0 - January 11, 2009


Golden Grail Production - Jim Maricondo and Bill Martens

Special thanks to Andy McFadden for CiderPress and Joe Wankerl for Shrink II, without which this conversion work would never have been possible.

Production Notes

The original Golden Orchard was converted into HFS disk images on a Mac.

The files on each disk image were then copied individually to an HFS volume staging area.

In the staging area, all filenames were converted to ProDOS limits.

Partitions were split up so that no one partition was larger than 32MB.

Shrink II was used to create a SHK image for each of the new split partitions.

The SHK files were moved to a Windows PC and CiderPress was used to convert each one to a PO (ProDOS Order) image file.

CiderPress was then used to convert the PO image files into 2MG image files.

The 2MG files were then tested with KEGS.

Thank you for your support.

Original Golden Orchard 1.0 ReadMe:


Thank you for purchasing DigiSoft Innovations' Apple II compilation CD-ROM! Countless hours have been spent to compile this selection of programs and data to bring to you. We hope you will find many hours of enjoyment using this CD. You will find here over 600 megabytes of Apple II related software and data, including many items never available before!

Credits & Thank You's ...

Compilation, Organization, Design and Mastering Jim Maricondo
GNO Sources and Many TrueType Fonts Jawaid Bazyar
Many Imported Disks Matt Keller
New Source Material Derek Young
MiscLib Routines Used in Clone Josef Wankerl (If you don't subscribe to GS+, do so now!)
Clone Copy Program Jim Maricondo
GNU egrep, xClock NDA releases, Monitor Ben Binford
Genex, etc. Jay Krell

To anyone forgotten, we apologize.

Special Notes

* 3.5" disks (e.g. selfbooting demos, non-ProDOS disks, etc.) are stored in DiskCopy format on the "GO-Disks" partition. To use these disks, we have provided the Clone program. Run Clone (or double-click on a DiskCopy icon from the Finder) to use these disks. X rated disks contain a "(X)" in their filename, to denote their adult content. DiskCopy requires 800k of free continous RAM, so you may need to shift-boot to free enough memory to use it. It is also possible to make copies of DiskCopy image files using Apple's Macintosh Disk Copy utility.

* Where possible, we have denoted software that will only run on a ROM01. However, it is possible that we may have missed a few programs.

* DOS 3.3 disks with a .SHK suffix in the "DOS 3.3 Stuff" folder require ShrinkIt v3.4 (the ProDOS 8 version, found in the "Applications:Telecommunications" folder) to use. Disks with a .DDD suffix require Disk Disintegrator Deluxe (also found in the "Applications:Telecommunications"folder) to unpack.

* Some folders have "(disk)" appended to their name. This denotes that you usually must copy the files in such a folder to a blank 3.5" disk, and rename the disk to the name of the folder (not counting the "(disk)" of course) to get the program included to operate properly.

* Where possible, versions of programs have been appended to their folder names, such as "FinderView v3.0."


This CD-ROM has been partitioned into six HFS volumes and one ProDOS volume. This was done for organizational reasons, to minimize HFS overhead, and to work around a bunch of bugs in the System 6 HFS FST. This disc's partitions are listed below. ("GO" stands for Golden Orchard.)

NOTE: To read the HFS partitions of this CD-ROM on an Apple IIGS, you must be running GS System Software 6.0 or later and have the HFS FST (File System Translator) installed and activated. The files on this CD can also be accessed on a Macintosh (and copied to a ProDOS or HFS disk, or made available on an AppleShare network) equipped with FWB's CD-ROM Toolkit.

* GO-Main: Contains AppleWorks files, AppleWorks GS files, BASIC programs, Stacks, and more.

* GO-Misc16bit: Contains many GS system extensions (Inits, Desk Accessories, Finder Extensions, etc.), along with Icons, Deprotects, Patches, TrueType and Bitmap Fonts, Text files, and more.

* GO-G.S.: Contains Graphics and Sound (G.S.) files.

* GO-Disks: Contains image files of over 150 Apple II 3.5" disks. Use the included Clone application to access these disk images.

* GO-Applications: Contains 16-bit and some 8-bit applications, including utilities, games, and more.

* GO-Programming: Contains tons of source code, programming utilities, and other programming related files.

The one ProDOS partition is:

* GO.ProDOS: Contains items also of use to Apple IIe/c owners, including AppleWorks files, Bitmap Fonts, Clip Art, BASIC Programs, DOS 3.3 Disks, ProDOS 8 programs, and more. Also contains a System folder so that the CD-ROM may be booted on a System 6 capable IIGS.

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